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Truehope's EMPowerplus™ formulation is the most studied micronutrient formula in the world, boasting over 30+ medical journal publications. While so many multi-vitamin and mineral products have good ingredients, they are formulated in a way that does not allow their contents to absorb into the bloodstream.

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EMPowerplus Advanced is a safe, effective, all-natural formula to promote mental and physical wellbeing

Give your brain what it needs.

By adding EMPowerplus, the body is typically able to establish the right levels of vitamins and minerals required for proper brain function.

EMPowerplus Advanced bottle

EMPowerplus is a specially formulated vitamin, mineral, and amino acid supplement designed to assist in creating a balanced life. The nutrients in EMPowerplus help to promote a healthier and balanced lifestyle supporting an enhanced feeling of wellbeing. Provide your body and brain with the nutrients it needs to support itself on a daily basis to keep you feeling balanced, stable, and experience true well-being.

Natural nutrition

EMPowerplus process, formula, and bioavailability

Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed and is the single most important factor of any nutritional supplement. Many of the multivitamins on the store shelves have low bioavailability, which causes them to pass through the body without having any effect at all.

EMPowerplus uses a unique formula and advanced technology that eliminates the common problems found with other supermarket and health food store products, making it the highest-quality micronutrient supplement available on the market today. Your body cannot absorb vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients if they are not presented in a way that can be easily digested.

    Most Helpful Positive Review

    15 Nov, 2023
    Bi-polar and Major Depressive Disorder
    I am a dad who has major depressive disorder and has two daughters with bi-polar disorder. Here is what you need to know, and I will try to be brief. You cannot just buy these supplements and think they will cure you. You must work daily with the support staff for your particular needs. It is work and True Hope has a system in place to assist you.
    1- Call the number on the back of the bottle. The price on the products pays the wages of the staff waiting to help you on your journey.
    2- Pick up the book "The Better Brain" by Bonnie J. Kaplan, Julia J. Rucklidge.
    3- None of this will work well unless you alter your diet a little by eliminating the foods that can cause candida. You must follow the gut health protocols.
    4- You must fill out the Self Evaluation Form provided to you by True Hope when the support staff sets you up in their system. My.truehope.com
    5- You must call in once a week to keep the support staff up to date on your symptoms. They are in this fight with you.
    6- You must be very disciplined.
    My 15-year-old daughter has rapid cycling bi-polar disorder with a taste of psychotic features. She has been on 11 meds in the past 22 months. We are still in the process of getting her 100% off of her meds. When we started, she was taking 1200 milligrams of Lithium and 15 milligrams of Abilify. As of today, she is down to 5 milligrams of Abilify and 100% off of the Lithium. I can tell you she is more alive than when she was heavily medicated. She is also able to stay at school all day. But this is a process of hard work, and I can tell you that I think we would be doing better if we could get her on a more Keto based diet to improve her gut health. The supplements cannot work if they are not absorbed into the blood stream. Sorry, those are the facts.
    As for myself I am 100% off of my anti-depressant and have a system I work daily to make sure my neurotransmitters are being sustained during this difficult season of caring for two daughters with severe mental health disorders. The support staff has been amazing in helping me not go back to meds by teaching me how the body works with the correct use of a combination of supplements. As specific amino acid taken at night helps produce serotonin while you sleep. Then the hard work is remaining positive and living in the moment as you fight for the life of your children. We have two girls who are hurting, and the stress can be very overwhelming.
    Therefore, if you have made it this far in the review, I hope you understand that this is hard work that is going to take more dedication than popping a pill once a day. You are going to enter a fight that will be worth it, but it is still a fight. If you are a parent, you will need to make adjustments and monitor your children as they will often not tell you what they are feeling. The supplements (depending on your disorder) will not be 2 capsules a day. I take 8 Empower for my disorder and my daughter takes 12 Empower for hers. If you call the phone number on the back of the label you can apply for financial assistance. They have discounts available for families, but you have to ask the support staff. We go through about 4-5 bottles of Empower a month plus Choline, Inositol, Aminos and Iodine.
    In closing I want you all to know that we are 7 months in and we could be farther along than we are, but I failed to take all the steps listed and did not use the support staff to their potential. We have since changed our course and I am working on getting all of us to do the daily evaluations and keep the team up to date so they can better assist us.
    Overall a great product and caring company.
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    Most Helpful Critical Review

    16 Jun, 2021
    extremely expensive but good quality
    I’m giving this to my D who suffer bipolar disorder and severe anorexia nerviosa, she tells me is helping slowly but improving ( except for a 2 week episode of severe depression) but it really frustrate me that the price is so high when is supposed to be made to help people and not only for the company to gain millions , the wellness programs that are supposed to help really complicated things worse and I now she need a bigger dose but I can’t pay it , even I had to stop buying it for my son because I can pay that big amount of money , very sad that the owner who experience big trouble in his life now don’t remember that others need it but sometimes can’t pay that much
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