What Is Your Stress Score?

0 - 25
26 - 50
51 - 75
76 - 100+
Mildly Stressed
Moderately Stressed
Highly Stressed
Acutely Stressed
Short Term
Medium Term
Long Term
Extended Term
2 - 4 Week Recovery*
4 - 6 Week Recovery
1 - 3 Month Recovery
3 - 6+ Month Recovery

*A reference to recovery from daily symptoms interfering with life.
Recovery estimates based on average results.

Those aggravating things that go wrong in the day, those irritating things that go bump in the night - disrupting routines and interrupting sleep - all have a cumulative effect on your brain, especially its ability to remember and learn.

As science gains greater insight into the consequences of stress on the brain, the picture that emerges is not a pretty one. A chronic overreaction to stress overloads the brain with powerful hormones that are intended only for short-term duty in emergency situations. Their cumulative effect damages and kills brain cells.

Stopping the cycle - and reversing it - is where Truehope products come in. In fact, EMPowerplus Advanced™ formulation is scientifically proven to reduce stress (you can read more about that on our Research page).

Stress Test

It was once thought the brain was static, unable to grow or change. But extensive research and in depth study of epigenetics has shown that it's remarkably adaptable, able to create new neural pathways in response to stimulus in the environment. The brain can also create new tissue, neurons and neuro-peptides with direct treatment of micronutrient supplementation. Additionally, it is now understood that the difficulties associated with a wide range of learning disorders and neurobehavioral issues result primarily from environmental influences that affect genetic expression and are, therefore, often correctable.

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Stress score based on common stress symptoms. Consult a physician before starting any new supplement or medication.

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