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Olivia posted on 4/12/2019
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These products actually address the underlying root cause of issues and have safe, longer-term, positive results!
Wise One posted on 4/6/2019
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Keeps my moods steady.
Someone who will not buy this product again posted on 3/9/2019
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The dosage should be given prior to purchasing the product. Even hiv patients use one pill per day. My dosage was 12 pills per day. This is insane.
Hope posted on 2/14/2019
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Without Empowerplus, I would be stuck to how I was before I began taking it
Masood H. posted on 8/14/2020
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I think it is too early to review as its only few weeks that I have started. I will come and revise my review in 2-3 months again. I am taking 6 tables per day as per instruction, During the day my depression and anxiety is better but still not 100% gone, My heart still pounding when I remember in the past, I still feel that breath is not coming in my stomach especially during sleep time as my anxiety is related to sleep, the thoughts that are stuck in mind is not going away , but hope it will go away soon.
Beverley J. posted on 6/17/2020
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I have been taking these for several years. They have made a big difference for me and my health
Tonya F. posted on 4/19/2020
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Love EMPowerplus formula, but these tablets give me wicked heartburn despite taking them with food and have a strong mineral-ly taste. Also, the tablets are big enough to choke a horse. Seriously, stick with the capsules or the powder - which happens to be my preference.
Nemira B. posted on 2/16/2020
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It works for me. Without it, I could not go so long searching and reading various scientific stuff and latter on writing about it. It does help me concentrate and keeps away from misery. Thanks a lot, you are the best: products, customer service and creators of these magnificent formulas.
Rebekah L. posted on 12/15/2019
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I’ve been taking 8 a day (3 at breakfast 3 at lunch and 2 at dinner) initially I thought this would be way too many to take but you just remember when you eat to take them. They do have that natural uncoated vitamin flavour if you don’t swallow them quick. But I’m so glad to take something that does seam to push back the depression feelings. If life is tough these are definitely just one tool in the support kit not the only thing to be changing. It’s nice to not have side effects like the antidepressants have and knowing I’m really helping my body nutritionally is a massive plus! I’ll be spending the money when I run out.
Helps with mood stabilization, anxiety and has a calming effect. Highly recommend this product.

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