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GreenBAC is a rich blend of bacteria, prebiotics, botanicals, algae, enzymes and ingredients designed to maintain and promote a healthy digestive system. This combination of super foods and bacteria creates a powerful regulating effect and helps promote healthy bowel function.


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A healthy gut-brain connection is a crucial component of a thriving physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Give your gut what it needs.

GreenBAC contains BILLIONS of beneficial bacteria as well as botanicals, algaes, enzymes and other nutrient-rich ingredients.

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Our bodies are made up of two nervous systems, the central nervous system and the enteric nervous system, connected through the vagus nerve which connects the brain to the abdomen. Information travels in a bi-directional loop back and forth and has a profound influence on our mental health through the absorption of vitamins and minerals broken down by our gut flora.


Why is gut health important?

95% of Serotonin is made in the gut

80% of our immune system is located in the gut


Each dose of Truehope GreenBAC contains billions of good bacteria as well as plenty of prebiotics. This prebiotic works as food for the probiotic, which in turn, creates a healthy environment for the probiotics to flourish. Truehope GreenBAC is a rich blend of the eight bacteria our digestive tract needs most, as well as botanicals, algae, enzymes, and nutrient-rich ingredients in an easily absorbable powder formulation designed to maintain and promote a healthy digestive system.

+ BILLIONS of other beneficial bacteria!

Our gut flora connects to virtually every process in our body. Thus, imbalances in our gut flora have been implicated in multiple health issues, including immune health, depression, and other psychiatric disorders, and some of our deepest chronic health issues.

Truehope GreenBAC provides healing to the digestive system and restores balance to the bacteria in the gut which is often robbed of good bacteria after the use of medications, especially antibiotics. This aids in restoring proper function to the enteric nervous system. It is interesting to note that 10% of information is transmitted from the brain to the gut; whereas 90% of the information flows from gut to brain.

This powerful combination of superfoods, combined with friendly bacteria, creates a powerful regulating effect on an unruly gut and helps promote and maintains healthy bowel function.

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    Most Helpful Positive Review

    01 Jun, 2022
    GreenBAC changed my life!
    I've been taking GreenBAC since 2015. It changed my life. My gut biome was an absolute disaster, and due to that I wasn't absording nutrients, had severe depression and anxiety, and was exhausted and generally unwell/felt awful. MDs couldn't find anything wrong with me physically (even did a colonoscopy) and just sent me on my way with antidepressants. Since starting GreenBAC and my supplement/naturopathic journey, I've been able to get off of antidepressants, I have more energy than I have ever had, and I just FEEL SO MUCH better. Each day is better than the last! I thank God for TrueHope and for my ND "prescribing" GreenBAC to me.
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