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Lu posted on 2/22/2019
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I had problems with anxiety and when I took inositol according to the recommendation they gave me on the phone, not the one the bottle indicated, it truly helped me. I notice the anxiety levels went down and also my cravings for sweets. It really worked for me. I tried a different brand but didn’t get the same efevtiviness than true hope brand, the main component is the same but it had some variations in other component that may have constitute a difence on how it worked at least for me.
Donna Decarvalho posted on 2/6/2019
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I take my dose in a container of water so it longer lasting and ready if i feel a little anxiety or I'll take my dose straight from the spoon to my mouth and swish it around with water.i love the taste of it .I would say it has a touch of a sweet flavour its delishious and i dont like anything sweet but this is a perfect taste for me . This form of taking inositol works for me and everyone is different for how much they need in the day. I dont leave home without the original container in my purse. And it my sound corney but I call it my it's not so tall juice if anyone asks what I'm drinking(and how i remembered to say it when I first started inositol:) .it really calms me and make my anxiety not so tall or overwhelming.
Caelan posted on 1/12/2019
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I never thought a vitamin supplement would have such an immediate and powerful impact on my anxiety attacks. The inositol works wonders for calming me down and when paired with the phosphatidylcholine will stop a full blown panic attack dead in its tracks.
Linda D. posted on 8/31/2019
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This is a great part of my maintenance program and mixing it in a pitcher of water is so easy and automatic.
Pamela C. posted on 6/8/2019
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This has been very helpful to my family daily, and we increase during particularly stressful times. It is easily added to out water and it has helped with clarity of thoughts.
Elizabeth A. posted on 5/22/2019
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It helps me when I feel anxious. I take it with Choline and the Aminos very often but not always. If needed I repeat.
L. Leerskov posted on 2/13/2019
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Top quality products that really make a difference. I feel better ordering anything from you guys because I know everything you sell is as advertised. has truly given true hope to everyone I care about! Thank you for everything!!!

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